DIY in General!

Although the focus of my blog is diy projects for the home, there is much more outside the realm of interior design. For me, my first few diy projects were to create photo booth walls for various occasions. Just the other day, I even attempted to make candy lei’s for a graduation ceremony. The bottom line is, there is so much you could create for any occasion! DIY is a motto I live by because it is a way to demonstrate artistry.

Nowadays, people turn to diy to repair treasured items either through Youtube or detailed tutorials. The concept of DIY can be applied to almost anything in order to get crafty and save money! Keep in mind, there is a tutorial for just about anything you would ever want to make by hand. Never underestimate the power of diy because it is so easy to follow along to a video tutorial whether you are trying to fix a car part or sew something together. All in all, diy is very general and is applicable to anything! Think of diy as a modern twist to MacGyver, you are basically an inventor with the resources you happen to have available.

DIY is the way to go!


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