Popular Reusable Household Items!

There are plenty of household items that can be reused to serve various purposes and won’t go to waste. I find myself tossing materials I realize I could’ve used later on for a different projects. On top of that, you can only recycle so many items that other things begin to accumulate. However, there are always items my family has plenty of that can be reused. Thus, I have decided to compile a list of 4 “life hack” DIY’s with common household items.

  1. Single Socks – Single socks ALWAYS pop up at my house in random places that I have no place for them, but to keep them in a pile of missing other pair. However, you can turn socks into a potpourri holder!
  2. Glass Jars – I am noticing Mason jars have been all the hype lately to use for cute party favors to give it a Southern style.
  3. Old Tees – Once tees have turned into hole-y tees, it’s time to give them up! Too hard to part with? Well sew it onto a pillow or make it into a quilt with about 10-15 more tees. It really makes for a sentimental blanket and comes out looking amazing.
  4. Empty Paper Towel Tube – you can use paper towl or toilet paper tubes to keep cords organized! All those pesky computer or TV cords get tangled together, making it difficult to untangle. The tubes help keep everything seperated and you can even add labels on the outside of the tube.

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