Home Improvement DIY Dream House

At some point in time, we have all dreamed of living in a mansion or castle as the perfect home, i’m sure it can’t be just me! Well, fast forward to now, a 21-year-old college student who still has those dreams, but maybe not as grand. In fact, my new dream house is just a regular suburban home with an open floor plan and plenty of space to add DIY crafts all over the place. Thinking of all the DIY crafts I could add to my future home, I have realized I could easily make my dream home & raise the value of the house. In the long run, the cost is far cheaper to do it yourself than to add extra amenities during construction of the house.

What exactly are my interior design plans? The first lesson I was taught is to take one room at a time. My game plan is to hit the larger rooms first with new paint colors and purchase or reupholster furniture to fit the color scheme. If you happen to find some spaces lacking storage, it is all about maximizing the space. I have recently found DIY shelving ideas that range from modern to rustic. Another way to maximize space is by adding hinges to frames to store items behind it. Think of it as a two in one!

In totaling the cost of purchasing supplies and doing the work yourself, it is obviously cheaper as there are no labor cost! Sounds easy now, but I am mentally preparing myself because there will be challenges, but that’s what makes DIY fun!


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