Why DIY? Save Money!

Ever looked at an old piece of furniture or plastic bottle and wanted to toss it to the trash? Well, DON’T! There are so many things you could do with recyclable pieces if you give it the time and effort. Even a water bottle could be used to house plants and become a vase. An old dresser can be saved and repurposed by adding new paint colors and updating the face. DIY crafts help one save money by reusing objects and finding a different purpose for it.

By using household objects to DIY, money is saved through up-cycle. Up-cycle can transform a common item into a crafted design piece or a inventive tool. In all the items we possess in our lifetime, almost every item is bound to serve another purpose if we learn to reinvent through DIY. You save money and the environment every time you reuse old items, so think about giving it a try.

I hope you all find ways to recycle old items to save yourself money! Let me know what DIY’s you’ve attempted in the comment section below!


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