What to do with Old CD’s?? An Idea from Another DIY’er

As I was doing my usual search for DIY projects, I discovered a piece that I fell in love with! A mosaic tile bowl made out of old CD’s caught my eye and I know I have to try it. I am certain many of us have old cd’s lying around that no longer serve a use for us anymore thanks to the wonderful world of streaming and downloading music. Why not turn these old cd’s into new by cutting them up!? That is exactly what blogger, Debbie, from the blog Me and My diy, has done!

In Debbie’s piece, she created a lovely mosaic bird bath that is stunning!

What you’ll need:

  • Clear seal
  • CD’s
  • Scissors
  • Any item you want to cover with cd’s
  • grout

I plan to recreate her work in a different format, so stay tuned!


(Photo Credit: Debbie) *All photos featured in this blog post are via Debbie of “Me and My diy”*

Mosaic Tile Blog Post


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