Empowering Others to DIY

Before I began to DIY, I dabbled in painting and crafts throughout my high school career as a member of the Associated Student Body. I truly enjoyed painting, but never believed I was as talented as my peers. However, It was through my involvement with ASB that I discovered DIY projects. Four times a year, we had to create costumes to fit various themes and luckily, I had a few tricks up my sleeve. This was a time everyone had their chance to show off their creative skills by sewing costumes or buying an out of the ordinary costume. There was one theme in particular that sparked my intrigue for DIY. The theme was Winter Olympics and so I thought i’d make a snowflake wings like the one’s on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Crafting the wings took a matter of a few hours, but it was the items used that brought excitement. If you are ever looking to make wings like the one’s on the VS runway, you will need wire hangers, elastic bands to use as arm straps, tulle, and some Christmas ornaments.

Overall, the end result is something I am still proud of to this day and that is why I believe empowering others to create is so important. Everyone has the ability to make works of art if they are willing to try. The feeling of accomplishment one receives from a successful piece is rewarding and it saves the planet by recycling!

Till next time,



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