Countless Ways to Display Your Polaroids! By Other DIY’ers

Polaroid displays are endless thanks to so many DIY’ers and their creative ideas! I am going to show you 3 different ideas from other bloggers on how to incorporate these timeless pictures with home decor.


(Photo Credit: PhotoJojo)

Polaroid wall design by photojojo featured in ‘Flashing for Money’ blog. The clean and color coordinated design allows the wall to pop with color! A polaroid display of this type can become a focal point in any room!

Flashing for Money


(Photo Credit: Greta Kenyon)

This open frame has been stripped of its glass and back cover to make room for levels of string. This idea is perfect for events to use as a sort of guest “book.” Side note: you could use this frame to hang random items such as keys, mail or accessories. Picture provided by blog.

Polka Dot Bride


(Photo Credit: Elsie Larson)

Why pay for wallpaper when you could make one out of YOUR memories!? I find this look makes it more personal because it’s a reminder of all the things you love within those photos. This is not your typical wallpaper and that’s what I love about it! If covering an entire wall isn’t your style, you could try covering just a sliver of a wall to keep it simple. Design by Elsie Larson, creator of ‘A Beautiful Mess’ blog.

A Beautiful Mess


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