3 Ways to Display Polaroid Film Decor DIY!

As of late, Polaroid cameras are becoming a craze and I too have fallen under their spell. As my pictures began to pile up, I have been seeing creative ways to incorporate these pictures into home decor. I have featured 3 different ways to display pictures that i’ve used in my home.

In this first DIY, I have created a clothesline piece for my wall using polaroid pictures. All you need is string, clothespins, and a stapler! Line the string to the size and shape you want, then staple the ends and middle to keep it held.


(Photo Credit: Cassandra)

Another DIY decor idea I have used to display my growing collection of pictures is by frame! I know it’s the typical format to place pictures, but the way you lay it out makes all the difference! Below, I kept my pictures simple and lined them up to make it look clean. Many friends have enjoyed the frame piece because it’s not a common decor.


(Photo Credit: Cassandra)

Lastly, I thought lining the polaroids side by side would create an easy piece that I can make into a type of wallpaper over time. There are so many ways to structure polaroid pictures, it easily becomes a conversation piece!

(Photo Credit: Cassandra)



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