Ornament Chandelier DIY!


(Photo Credit: Cassandra)

Happy Holidays!

In light of the holidays, I thought I would share my DIY project of a chandelier made of ornaments! I came across the idea when trying to find a way to use the circular object (shown in picture) I had gotten from Ikea. Unfortunately, my chandelier piece is no longer available for purchase, but there are other items to use as a substitute.

What you’ll need:

  • A variety of about 25 – 30 ornaments (color scheme is up to you)
  • Wire or string to hang ornaments
  • A hoop with one or several rings in-between. You could even use a dreamcatcher! (totally up to you!)
  • Command hook to hold chandelier
  • Scissors

Let’s get started!

First, cut up about 15 pieces of wire or string at different lengths. *The amount of pieces may vary depending on how large your hoop is. Don’t forget to save about an inch of space for when you tie the string to the hoop.

Next, tie the wire or string to the hoop in any pattern! I suggest going back and forth between longer strips and shorter ones to add variation to the chandelier. However, if you would like to keep them the same length, go for it! Get creative!

After tying the string to the hoop, be sure to add one long strip that will connect from one end of the hoop to the other. This will be used to hang your chandelier!

Time to add the ornaments! This is again, completely up to you! You can add either one or two or three ornaments to a string. If you would like to keep it simple, just tie one bobble per string. To add two or more, simply tie one ornament in the middle of the string and add the second toward the end of the string! Repeat process until finished!

Once you are happy with your piece, it is time to hang it up and voila! You have a chandelier of ornaments ready to compliment your holiday decor!


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